RealEd Solutions


Login The login page.
Student Search Student searches. Any combination of attributes may be specified to select a set of student records. Full wildcard and regular expression matching are supported.
Student Edit Editing a student record.
Student Activity Student enrollment, payment, and purchase history.
Registration The main registration interface is optimized for fast class selection and easy access to relevant information. Class and item dropdowns populate automatically as packages, payment categories, date ranges, and facilities are selected.
Payment The payment interface allows partial or full payment toward any combination of items from accumulated shopping carts.
VISA Payment When a payment method is selected, the interface dynamically expands to display applicable payment input fields. As with most dropdowns, payment methods are user-definable within the RealEd interface.
Receipt After a payment completes, the registrar may run a variety of associated tasks, such as printing the student's receipt.
Printed Receipt Sample student receipt, generated from a user-maintainable Word document and controlled by a user-defined template.
Transfer RealEd provides a streamlined interface for transferring students between classes.
Profile RealEd supports live credit card authorization through a variety of providers, selectable and configurable within the RealEd interface. The RealEd group-based security system constrains access as needed to administrative users.
Class Edit Editing a scheduled class.
Class Open Reports and tasks to perform before a class begins. The set of tasks offered here is configurable according to a variety of selection criteria including course, program, and school.
Class Attendance Attendance may be recorded on a class-wide or per-student basis. Automatic bar-code-based attendance recording is available.
Report Edit Sample report definition. All printed output is controlled by user-definable templates.
Report Edit Sample report definition continued.