RealEd Solutions

Web Integration

RealEd can be fully integrated with your web site to provide a variety of on-line services, all branded with your site's look and feel:

  • automatically generated course catalogs
  • class registration
  • bookstore purchases
  • credit card payments
  • course material delivery
  • exam completion and grading
  • enrollment history and status
  • certificate and transcript download

Updates made within RealEd to courses, classes, locations, bookstore items, and other data are immediately and automatically propagated to your web site.


RealEd supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, a widely used standard for publishing interactive course content in a platform-neutral format. With any of a variety of third-party SCORM-compatible authoring packages, you can quickly and easily create, publish, sell, and track media-rich content in multiple languages for your on-line students through RealEd.


Student records in RealEd may be marked as prospects for any combination of courses, subjects, jurisdictions, license types, and other areas of interest. The RealEd prospecting system may be customized to:

  • send automatic follow-up email at predetermined intervals
  • provide targeted mailing lists
  • generate reports for campaign conversion analysis
  • clear prospect marks automatically when students register for classes
  • support additional areas of interest

Affiliate Referrals

To help drive business to your school, RealEd provides a system for tracking and rewarding third-party affiliate links to your web site. Affiliates have access to a web portal for generating links and viewing campaign, click-through, and earnings statistics, and the RealEd administrative interface provides full control over referral conversion periods and fee structures.

Third-Party Imports

Student enrollment and completion data may be imported automatically into RealEd from a variety of third-party providers, including CompuTaught, Dearborn, Hondros, and ProTraining. Support for additional providers will be added upon request.

Automatic Uploads

The RealEd reporting system allows student completion information to be uploaded to state regulatory agencies and other third parties. Uploads may be initiated manually on a per-class or per-student basis, or they may be scheduled to occur automatically at a specified time each day.

Change Tracking

All data updates and deletions performed within RealEd are tracked in a space-efficient manner, and RealEd provides a single-click interface to view, audit, and undo tracked changes.


A single RealEd installation can support any number of schools and business units. RealEd automatically tracks registrations and revenue according to the school associated with each course, and registrars may choose a specific school to narrow the selection of courses, locations, and other inputs.

Exam Scanning

The RealEd page scanning module supports automatic paper exam grading with inexpensive off-the-shelf scanner hardware. Our exam editor allows fast definition of new exam forms. Exams are printed from RealEd and may optionally include exam questions and scannable class, exam, and student identification information.

Package Pricing

Classes, bookstore items, and services may be packaged together and sold as a single item. Package prices may be fixed or calculated dynamically according to total class credits or item values.

Form-Based Search

In RealEd, the forms used for searching contain the same fields as the forms used for editing. This provides users with a comfortable, intuitive interface for easily performing complex searches with any combination of fields. Full wildcard and regular expression matching are supported.


The main registration interface is optimized for fast class selection and easy access to relevant information. Class and item drop-downs automatically populate as packages, payment categories, date ranges, and facilities are selected. The unified registration form allows classes, bookstore items, services, packages, and shipping fees to be purchased in a single operation.


RealEd offers two means of safeguarding your data:

  • On-line backups: your entire RealEd installation and a user-configurable number of database snapshots are synchronized daily to our secure backup server, which itself is backed up daily to a second secure server.
  • Live backup: your live database is replicated continually to our secure mirror server. Every transaction entered into your RealEd system, whether entered by your staff members or on-line by your students, is recorded within seconds on the mirror system. In the event of weather-related outages, local power failure, coffee spills, or other disasters, authorized personnel can use the mirror portal to activate the replicated system and make it available to staff within minutes.

All backup and replication data are compressed and encrypted before being transmitted to our servers.


The RealEd security system can restrict groups of users from running selected reports, updating fields, viewing data, using specific payment methods, and accessing all other aspects of RealEd on a per-screen, per-field, and per-record basis. Each RealEd user may belong to multiple groups, and any number of groups may be defined through the RealEd user interface.


The RealEd output system supports:

  • tracking and analysis of enrollments, revenue, and other data
  • mailing list generation
  • personalized certificates, receipts, and letters
  • direct personalized email, in both plain-text and HTML format
  • completion data upload to regulatory agencies
  • data import from and export to third parties

Templates for printed output are created and maintained as Word documents or HTML pages, customized with your logo or letterhead for a professional appearance. All RealEd installations are preconfigured with a standard collection of reports, and the built-in report development tools allow easy construction of additional reports as needed.


RealEd accepts and records student payments in a number of ways, including credit cards, cash, check, barter, gift certificate, and account balance transfer. The payment interface allows partial or full payment toward any combination of items from accumulated shopping carts.


Accounting reports track business activity and can be designed to transfer data to your accounting software.

Inventory Management

RealEd can track and manage the inventory of course materials and bookstore items. This helps eliminate loss and ensures that supplies are available when needed.