RealEd Solutions

Easy to Use

RealEd's intuitive tab driven navigation system and familiar form layout make the system easy to learn and easy to use, increasing productivity and reducing training time. An unprecedented level of configurability means that the program functions as you require, displaying only the forms and information relevant to completing the task at hand. Built-in error checking reduces data input errors, and the use of drop-down input elements ensures data consistency.


RealEd is fully customizable to meet your school's needs. Our table-based site configuration system allows every available field to be activated or deactivated within minutes to optimize functionality and screen real estate, and our developers are ready to add whatever new fields and custom logic are required. Most drop-down input elements are populated through the RealEd user interface and can be controlled through the group-based security system.

Web Link

The web integration component of RealEd converts your web site into a cost-effective on-line learning management system. It accommodates SCORM, PDF, Flash, HTML, and other forms of educational content on your web site, delivers course materials, homework assignments, and exams, and automatically grades, records, and reports completion data to the appropriate agencies.


The built-in reports and report development tools enable extensive analysis to track day-to-day business activities and to assess and facilitate marketing campaigns.