RealEd Solutions
Getting Started

If you would like to explore RealEd further, please contact us to schedule an interactive web-based demonstration that will illustrate how RealEd can streamline your business processes. During the session, we will show you typical day-to-day operations and answer any questions you have about functionality and implementation. Following the demonstration, we will make the site available for you to use and explore at your convenience.

If you decide that RealEd will be a benefit to your organization, we will start the set up a password-protected on-line RealEd installation for your school, import your data, configure RealEd to function as you require, and customize reports and letters with your logo and letterhead.

Once you have tested and approved the system, we will install it on a server and deliver it to your site. We encourage staff who will use the system to spend time familiarizing themselves with the system prior to installation. Depending on the circumstances, we will either provide on-site training for your staff or set up on-line interactive training.