RealEd Solutions

RealEdTM is a whole-business management software application for professional schools. It consolidates student, course, schedule, grading, certification, reporting, and other key information into a central relational database accessible through an intuitive user interface. RealEd can optimize business processes from multiple schools into a single stream work flow that will dramatically change the way you do business, decrease your costs, and increase your profitability.

Custom Software at Commodity Prices

Our mission is to offer highly customized software at commodity prices. Historically, whole-business management software has been available in two ways:

  1. An expensive, custom-built solution addressing virtually all of a business's requirements.
  2. A cheap, commoditized package addressing a fraction of a business's requirements.

Through a combination of new technology and innovative software practices, we are able to customize our core RealEd offering to meet all of your business needs at competitive prices.