RealEdTM is a whole-business management software application for professional schools.

It consolidates student, course, schedule, grading, certification, reporting, and other key information into a central relational database accessible through an intuitive user interface. Our web integration component converts your website into a cost-effective online learning management system.   RealEd can optimize business processes from multiple schools into a single stream work flow that will dramatically change the way you do business, decrease your costs, and increase your profitability.

User-friendly Interface

– Intuitive tab-driven interface, easy to learn
– Customizable workspace
– Remote Work friendly – log in securely from anywhere with an internet connection
– Browser based program, no installation on individual machines
– Show/hide elements based on granted permissions
– Advanced Undo features ensure no data is accidentally lost

Website Integration

– Complete Online Learning Management System
– Offer online content in a variety of formats
– Populates your online offerings in real time
– Student dashboard provides access to course materials, certificates, receipts, surveys, exams, and more
– Instructor portal gives your instructors access to up-to-the-minute class materials, rosters and certificates
– Collect course evaluations and surveys online

Your Customized Solution

– Meet regulatory requirements with ease
– Advanced report development tools
– Hide fields you don’t use for efficiency
– Automate credit reporting to agencies
– Automate shipping tasks
– Advanced logic for quizzes and final exams
– Thorough migration – import your data
– Our developers will customize your platform to fit your school’s needs

Expand and Streamline

– Track and reward third-party affiliate links with commissions
– Offer customized web pages for your partnering clients holding in-house classes
– Advanced prospecting tools, automate inquiry follow-ups
– Collect opt-in subscribers
– Generate mail and email lists
– Offer payments plans
– Integrate with your accounting software

Getting Started

If you would like to explore RealEd further, please contact us to schedule an interactive web-based demonstration that will illustrate how RealEd can streamline your business processes. During the session, we will show you typical day-to-day operations and answer any questions you have about functionality and implementation. Following the demonstration, we will make the site available for you to use and explore at your convenience.
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