RealEd Solutions
Linux Installation

Debian Linux Installation

To install Debian Linux on new hardware to be used as a RealEd server, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the architecture-appropriate CD image from For 64-bit systems, be sure to select the amd64 architecture instead of the i386 one.
  2. Burn the image to a CD. To burn a CD on Windows 7 or later, right-click on the ISO image file and choose "Burn disc image".
  3. Boot the new hardware from the CD, and choose Graphical Install when prompted.
  4. If the installer displays a missing-firmware dialog:
    • Download to a different computer the common firmware ZIP file from here for Debian 6 and from the location specified in the Debian Installation Guide for other Debian versions.
    • Unpack the ZIP file into the top level of a FAT-formatted USB stick.
    • Plug the USB stick into the new Debian system and wait 10 seconds.
    • Click the on-screen button to load missing firmware.
  5. Set the host name to "realed".
  6. Select manual partioning, delete all existing partitions, and create the following three primary partitions:
    • Primary 1: size = 128M, use as filesystem ext2, mount point /boot
    • Primary 2: size = 2x memory (e.g. 4G), use as swap
    • Primary 3: size = remainder of disk, use as filesystem ext3, mount point /
  7. Write partition changes to disk.
  8. Proceed through the installation with the following responses:
    • Time zone: set as appropriate for your school.
    • Root password: assign a secure, unguessable password.
    • Debian network mirror:
    • Package configuration: deselect all software packages, including Desktop Environment and Standard System.
    • GRUB boot loader: install into the MBR on the first hard disk.
  9. After completing the installation and rebooting the system, login as root and run "apt-get install openssh-server".
  10. Temporarily forward port 22 through the firewall to the newly configured system. This step is not necessary if the new server is a replacement for an existing RealEd server at the same location.
  11. Provide the external IP address and root password over the phone to RealEd staff, who will proceed with RealEd setup and configuration.